The gamification engine enables you to get the most out of your event by creating behaviors to increase attendee engagement and participation. You decide how many points attendees earn for participating in event activities, using points and badges to drive participation into the expo hall, encourage chatting and resource access, even reward attendees for completing event feedback surveys,

All these features increase your participants’ engagement, time inside the event, and overall invigorating experience, certain to generate rave reviews.

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Social Engagement

Collaborative learning is fun learning! Our environment is rich with social networking features. Chat. Ask questions. Share ideas. Show their “Mood Meter.” Participate in Polls. Compete for points and badges with the built in gamification. And, win prizes.

Participants can easily join the fun, interacting as much or as little as they choose. They can customize their profile, pick an avatar or upload their photo, start a conversation in the networking lounge, join a discussion during a session, Tweet, and post on Facebook directly from the event.

Networking Lounge

Event goers mingle, collaborate and network with other participants in the networking lounge while creating long-lasting, quality connections. Set up planned discussion topics with event speakers and industry leaders or let informal conversations spark discussion. You’ll be amazed at how open participants will be when you give them the space to do it.

Exhibit Booth

Each booth is individually branded with the sponsor’s logo, custom colors, and filled with the sponsors product collateral and other sales and marketing resources they want to make available for booth visitors. The more enticing sponsors make the booth, the more visitors they are likely to attract and keep. Sponsor representatives see the visitors as they come into the booth so they can quickly welcome them, engage them in a conversation, and guide them to the booth resources of most interest. Booths can also become interview rooms, sales closing suites, or private chat rooms, whatever your event experience requires. 

Exhibit Hall

The centerpiece for sponsors and exhibitors, the exhibit hall is the lively gathering point for all event attendees to meet and learn more about the event sponsors and exhibitors. From the entry hall, attendees simply click on a logo to enter a booth, then explore the resources, watch demos, chat with sponsor representatives, conduct job interviews, and participate in any activity related to the tradeshow aspect of your event.

Resource Center

Conference hosts, sponsors, exhibitors, and anyone you invite to share can provide access to articles, white papers, course catalogs, videos, and a wide variety of media formats to add value to the experience. Attendees can browse the resource center and easily download resources of particular interest to them. They can even rate the resource to help others find great content. It’s a terrific place to browse between sessions and exhibit hall activities.


Keynote speakers, event speakers, and all sessions – live and on demand – broadcast from the theater. A fully interactive experience, attendees can follow along with the presentation, chat, ask questions, participate in polls, even indicate how they feel about the session in progress with the “mood meter.” Full audio and video support is possible, even live streaming to locations outside the virtual event. Once a live session is over, it can be available on demand within minutes.

Digital events

Create awareness and excitement for the audience. Capture their imagination and make them want more. Launch your very own branded, customizable and mobile-ready event site with Events Management PRO. We’ll help you create your virtual campus with theaters, trade show floors, networking lounges, resource centers and social engagement, encouraged with robust, built-in gamification.

All at your visitor’s fingertips.
Anywhere. Anytime. On Any Device.

All while you manage the business with ease. It’s reliable, scalable, collaborative, and state-of-the-art. 

Explore the spaces and features below to create an experience everyone will enjoy. It’s fully customizable with your colors, logos, banners, personalized URL, and design themes. Then, learn more about the business side of digital events and how we help you manage it with ease. Event Business Management

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