Turn training programs into collaborative experiences. 

 Collaborative learning is fun learning! Create socially engaging eLearning environments where people are completely immersed in the virtual campus.  Ignite a solid and robust learning experience through the heavy social layer unlike any other. Take your training from isolation to collaboration with peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and open faculty-student communication.

All the devices are built in. Chat. Ask questions. Share ideas. Show their “Mood Meter.” Participate in polls. Compete for points and badges with the gamification you set up. 

Grow your programs and your revenue, cost effectively.

Virtual classrooms don’t run out of seats or laptops. Reach and teach more people with the classroom space and resources you already have. Learners register, attend, actively participate, and complete your courses from wherever they are, from any device. With the rich social networking and learning management tools built in, you can increase the faculty to student ratio without compromising quality or the ability to give individual attention.

Expand your prestige and reputation.

Your innovative approach will create a competitive advantage and leap you forward. Offer the best training possible for a growing institution – harness collective knowledge  Invite guest faculty, expert speakers, and specialists into your virtual classrooms from anywhere in the world – eliminating costly travel expenses and maximizing your guests’ time with your students.

Create robust, multi-media learning experiences – in multiple languages if desired –  that increase learner comprehension, retention, and completion rates. Embed rich video, live and on-demand, or stream live class sessions; it’s all up to you. 

e Learning Academies

Expand your classroom-based offerings into eLearning academies through your virtual campus. Bridge the gap between educators and employers by creating job-ready graduates, anywhere, anytime. Watch your students excel, increase retention for higher graduation rates and more job placements, and turn learning into a life-time venture.


Our Business Units 

Students can build rich profiles – customized with their favorite avatar or personal photo – for easy connections, discussions, and conversations in the networking lounge or directly from class.


Discover all the platform features we can customize to create a unique, competitive offering – virtually.


Learn how organizations, like Dell World and Jose 2 Pros Academy, have hosted digital events and grown their training programs exponentially.