Our Business Units 

Event Dashboard:

​Setting up, customizing, and maintaining your event features is all centrally organized on the backend with the Event Dashboard. The dashboard helps you create and manage your event spaces, sessions, keynotes, attendees, exhibitors, and other event features. We can teach your team how to build and manage your event. Or, Events Management PRO  an do it for you. our turn-key services make it even easier to plan, build, and launch the most innovative digital events in the Middle East. ​

Social Media Integration

The virtual environment is fully integrated with all major social network APIs for sharing and collaboration. Within seconds, integrate your social media profiles, including Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, without being directed outside of your digital platform.

Stream Live Events

Our full video crew is available to stream your sessions live, where your attendees can engage with others in a real-time learning experience from any location.

Mobile Ready:

Registered participants can access the event from any device: phone, tablet, laptop. This includes iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone. They are all included and ready to go.

Event Marketing:

Email Marketing

Easily send customized emails from the attendee directory. A great way to market your event and communicate with your participants within one virtual "hub."

Manage Users

Conveniently import and upload your customer and prospect base into the attendee directory in one click of a button and begin inviting them to your event in seconds.

Manage and Sell Tickets 

Create different ticket types and discount codes. Seamlessly integrate PayPal and our secure credit card processing for accurate payment collection, or integrate with your ecommerce system with the API interface.

Online Registration

Your attendees have the option to register for free or purchase tickets online for your event. It's up to you! Registrants automatically receive registration confirmation and log in details for the live event. You can set up automatic reminders to help increase the conversion rates from registrant to participant.​

Events Business Management

The digital event platform delivers simple, yet effective event management tactics for generating additional revenue, measuring attendee behavior and extending your reach - before, during and after the event: event marketing, platform features, event dashboard, and business intelligence.


The lobby is the first place your participants enter when they arrive on campus. From here, they can access all the other spaces at their leisure – visit with exhibitors, attend sessions, join conversations in the networking lounge, browse the resource center for extra content, and watch their prize points add up as they get involved in the event activities. You can choose from a variety of contemporary themes that run across the entire event, then customize the space templates to match your colors and enterprise personality.

Digital events

Create awareness and excitement for the audience. Capture their imagination and make them want more. Launch your very own branded, customizable and mobile-ready event site with Events Management PRO. We’ll help you create your virtual campus with theaters, trade show floors, networking lounges, resource centers and social engagement, encouraged with robust, built-in gamification.

All at your visitor’s fingertips.
Anywhere. Anytime. On Any Device.

All while you manage the business with ease. It’s reliable, scalable, collaborative, and state-of-the-art. 

Explore the spaces and features below to create an experience everyone will enjoy. It’s fully customizable with your colors, logos, banners, personalized URL, and design themes. Then, learn more about the business side of digital events and how we help you manage it with ease. Event Business Management

Business Intelligence :

​ The robust data gathering and reporting function built into the platform captures every detail about your event so you can analyze the attendee and sponsor experience. You’ll know which sessions were the most popular, which booths drew the most traffic, how many people visited each event space, how much time they spent there, which resources they found most valuable, and how many points and badges were earned along the way. You’ll even be able to see the chat logs to discover the topics that generated the most interest and conversation. This valuable information will guide your efforts for future events, making each one better than the last and help you secure future sponsorships. Plus, you can easily analyze marketing data by pulling reports from your Google Analytics accounts. All you need is your UA number.

API Integration

After a few easy steps, your event is ready to integrate with member databases, CRM systems, and e-commerce system.

Extend Your Event

Take advantage of on-demand resources to extend the time your content is available for everyone, at any time. Combine live and on-demand segments within the event to broaden content choices and allow participants to view content they may have missed during the live broadcast. Your digital event could be your path to a year-round community when you invite participants to return to the environment on-demand, 24 x 365.

Platform Features: