Gain manager approval

Sample letter to your supervisor to gain approval

Dear [Manager Name],

As I continue to look for ways to ensure that I’m an asset to our team and have the best skills possible to do my job, I have explored options to further my knowledge and skills through beneficial and cost-effective technology training. I would like to pursue the [insert the Microsoft certification you want to pursue] by taking the course and passing the exam described below.

[Copy and paste the course title and description from the CCC Web site here.]

I will use these new skills to do my job more effectively and be prepared to take on new projects when they arise. Specifically, this certification will help me do higher quality work: 

List 2 or 3 specific job tasks or projects you are doing where this skill is needed

I can take this course with [insert the authorized training partner name and location] on [give the dates the course is available]. After the course, I will register to take the certification exam that verifies and certifies my competency either online with Certiport or at an Authorized CCC Testing Center. The cost is just [insert the cost for the course and exam], which will be returned through my increased productivity and effectiveness using the technology.

Please approve my request. I appreciate your support for my career and will begin using my new skills and knowledge immediately.

Best regards,


Job Title



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