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Launching Programs

Launching a New Program – Implementation Process

 Your dedicated selection counsellor begins every new program with a launch meeting to review client program requirements, primary candidate criteria, ideal candidate profile, and long-term program objectives. Our aim: identify clear, shared goals and objectives as we connect the top candidates with your employment vision.

Initial Research
Scan the Front Liners PRO database matching individual performance, critical skills, and experience levels with the job criteria and tagging active job seekers among those individuals.


Screen those qualified, available candidates in a telephone conversation

Verify availability
Capture related profile information and update records

Recruitment Campaign
Create a job promotion package that generates maximum exposure for your campaign, attracts high quality candidates and offers the best return for your investment. The campaign incorporates a mix of premium press and online ads, including branded micro-sites, sponsored job listings, and provides advice on social media strategies. Advertising channels most frequently used:

 English Teaching Websites
  • TEFL.com
  • ESLemployment .com
  • Dave’s Café

  • A two-month active campaign, including Job Postings

Local Newspaper covering Jeddah and Riyadh
  • Al Riyadh
  • Al Moubawaba

Social Media
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

Double review each submitted CV to identify those individuals who best match the stated job criteria.

 Create a detailed list of top candidates, including candidates’ personal, educational, academic, and work experience.

1st Contact
Screen each candidate in a telephone phone conversation.
  • Secure their interest in the job opportunity
  • Confirm, to best ability, that the candidate has the qualifications stated on the CV
  • Seek more understanding of each candidate’s career history, personality and motivation
  • Create the “long list” of candidates who continue to meet the criteria and prepare for client review

Long List Presentation
Candidate review meeting. Front Liners Pro counsellors and client executive team examine the “long list” of candidates in detail.
  • Determine candidate strength and suitability to match the job criteria
  • Rank candidates– potential interview, hold as alternate, eliminate
  • Determine if further outreach is necessary; if so, adjust criteria accordingly

Take action on ideas and recommendations resulting from the Candidate Review Meeting.
  • Adjust and refine recruitment ads, channels, and messaging to attract additional candidates, as needed
  • Filter and screen new candidates, as needed
  • Create the short list for client consideration

Short List Presentation
Short list review meeting.  Front Liners Pro counsellors present those individuals judged to be the best available and carefully review each candidate with the client executive team.
  • Discuss career histories, personalities, relative strengths, motivations in considering the role, cultural awareness, and other tangible and intangible qualities.
  • Discuss and agree upon the list of candidates to invite for client interviews.

Interviews & Offer StageSchedule candidate interviews and facilitate the process.
  • Co-ordinate feedback between client and candidates and keep candidates abreast of their status.
  • Select the desired candidate.
  • Arrange the details of the job offer.
  • Manage the formalities of offer negotiation and job acceptance.
  • Manage the expectations and future opportunities for candidates not selected for the named position.

Hiring and Onboarding
Front Liners Pro will take care of the hiring process along with legacy, approval and agreement process.
  • Job offer
  • Contract
  • Visa required documents
  • Other papers and documents requested by Saudi Arabian Labor Law
  • Culture awareness training
  • New hire orientation

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