The Technology Literacy for Educators (62-193) exam does not assess proficiency in using specific technology tools but whether an educator or administrator understands how to assimilate ICT tools into the six content domains taught in the course. This exam is designed to validate these skills in pre-service and in-service educators.

Demonstrate Understanding of the Technology Literacy Goals Described in the CFT Framework

  •  Identify the policy goals supported by the CFT framework.
  •  Identify CFT framework and approaches.
  •  Identify the target student outcomes that result from implementing a CFT-supported learning experience.

Demonstrate Basic Knowledge of How ICT Resources Can Support Curriculum Outcomes

  •  Given a curriculum goal or standard, incorporate ICT resources.
  •  Given a scenario, evaluate and select an ICT instructional resource.
  •  Given a scenario, evaluate and select an ICT assessment resource.
  •  Select an appropriate computer-based tool to monitor and share student performance data.

Use Basic Tools to Support Learning Activities

* Given a specific learning activity, identify the hardware requirements and devices necessary to support the activity.

  •  Use the Internet to support learning activities.
  •  Use a search engine and search strategies to support learning activities.
  •  Create and use a Web-based email account.
  •  Given a scenario, select the most appropriate type of software application. • Use software to manage and share student and classroom data.
  •  Use common communication and collaboration technologies to support learning activities.

Organize and Manage a Standard Classroom

  •  Integrate learning activities into a computer laboratory environment.
  •  Manage the use of ICT resources with individuals, small, groups, and whole groups in varied environments.
  •  Manage logistics and social interactions around ICT resources.
  •  Use Digital Literacy Tools to Enhance Professional Performance
  •  Use ICT resources to enhance teacher productivity.
  •  Use ICT resources to support teacher professional learning.
  •  Identify and manage Internet safety issues.
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