Windows Mobility and Device Fundamentals

EXAM 98-368
Office 365 Cloud Fundamentals

EXAM 98-369
Software Development Fundamentals

EXAM 98-361
Web Development Fundamentals

EXAM 98-363
  • Understand device configurations
  • Understand data access and management
  • Understand device security
  • Understand cloud services
  • Understand enterprise mobility
  • Understand the cloud
  • Enable Microsoft cloud
  • Administer Office 365 and Microsoft Intune
  • Use and configure Microsoft cloud services
  • Support cloud users
  • Core Programming
  • Object-oriented Programming
  • General Software Development
  • Web Applications
  • Desktop Applications
  • Databases
  • Programming web applications
  • Working with data and services
  • Troubleshooting and debugging web applications
  • Working with client-side scripting
  • Configuring and deploying web applications

.NET Fundamentals

EXAM 98-372
HTML5 Application Developer Fundamentals

EXAM 98-375
Gaming Development Fundamentals

EXAM 98-374
Testing Fundamentals

EXAM 98-349
.NET Framework Concepts
Namespaces and Classes in the .NET Framework
.NET Code Compilation
I/O Classes in the .NET Framework
.NET Languages
Memory Management
Platform fundamentals
Manage the state of an application
Debug and test
Publish an application
Build the UI using HTML5
Core CSS concepts
Using JavaScript:

the UI
Code animations
Access data

Code additional HTML5 APIs
  • Game design
  • Design the UI
  • Understand components
  • Work with XNA
  • Game platforms
  • Rendering engines
  • Animate
  • Transform objects
  • Describe Testing Fundamentals
  • Describe Testing Methodology
  • Create Software Tests
  • Manage Software Testing Projects
  • Work with Bugs
  • Automate Software Testing

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