API Integration

After a few easy steps, your academy is ready to integrate with member databases, CRM systems, and e-commerce system.

Business Intelligence 

Get deep insights into your students’ progress and academy site analytics all wrapped into an easy-to-read dashboard. The robust, built-in data gathering and reporting function captures every detail about your learners experience, course progress, testing results, and all the points and badges they earned along the way. You’ll even be able to see the chat logs to discover the topics that generated the most interest and conversation.

This valuable information will guide your efforts for future offerings, making each one better than the last. Plus, You can easily analyze marketing data by ulling reports from your Google Analytics accounts. All you need is your UA number.

Mobile Ready

Deliver an experience students can enjoy from any mobile device. This includes iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone. They are all included and ready to go

Social Media Integration

Connect your academy and your learners with all major social network APIs for sharing and collaboration. Within seconds, integrate your social media profiles, including Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, without being directed outside of your digital platform.

Robust, Multi-media Experiences 

Stream your classes live and engage students in a real time powerful learning experience. Directly embed or upload video content from top video platforms.

Gamify and Reward Achievement 

The gamification engine helps your students get the most out of the experience by encouraging active participation and rewarding them on-the-spot when they reach achievement levels. You set the criteria for activities that earn points and badges, then watch the games begin.

Quizzes, Polls, and Assessments

Easily create polls, quizzes, and assessments for each class. These can pop up mid-session or at the end. It's up to you!

Manage registration

Students can easily register and pay the academy fees online. Specify different fee and subscription options, discount codes and send students promo pricing offers. Use Paypal, the embedded secure credit card processing, or integrate with your e commerce system for easy fee collection.

Promote your offerings

Easily promote your offerings, confirm registrations, send course reminders, and other customized emails with downloadable lists from the student directory.

Manage your curriculum

The dashboard helps you upload your courses, manage live sessions, create and manage your student lists, analyze and tailor your courses to your students. 

Environment Features:

Platform Features

Bring state-of-the-art learning technologies to your institution.

Learn 27 – Learning Management System

Exclusively offered to you through Events Management PRO

Learners can review your course offerings, register and attend classes, interact with other students and faculty, take competency exams, and keep track of their performance all the way through graduation.

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