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Microsoft Certifications

CCC, the Exclusive Partner for KSA and the Gulf Region

Every business, everywhere in the world, uses (actually, relies on) technology. Knowing how technology works and understanding its impact on today's academic and workplace environment is increasingly important—particularly for individuals interested in exploring professions involving technology.


Through its network of Authorized Training Partners and as the exclusive partner for the Microsoft Academy Service Provider program in KCS and the Gulf Region, ThinkCSI / Career Certification Center performs the following:

Trains, certifies and verifies technical skills for Microsoft technologies
Provides access to Microsoft IT Academies courseware platform
Helps Microsoft IT Academies make the best decisions about their programs and manage the relationship for long-term success.

For individuals

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) – fundamental, expert, and mastery levels

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) – 3 tracks-IT Infrastructure, Database, Developer 

Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE) 

For academic institutions and educators

Microsoft IT Academy through Microsoft Academic Service Partner (MASP) 

Microsoft Technology Associate for Educators (MTAE)


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