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We find, train, and support your elite faculty and staff.


Recruit the very best professionals with the skills, experience, drive, and commitment to fulfilling a career goal by working in the Middle East. With Front Liners PRO as your partner in talent recruitment and support, you are guaranteed to meet the best available candidates and have the opportunity to benchmark these candidates against their peers.

Starting with a detailed understanding of your business and candidate needs, a dedicated search and selection team handles your unique requirements.  We select the appropriate recruitment channels and strategies to attract not only the candidates that match your requirements, but also the best candidates for the role.  Along the way, our expert counsellors provide all the Pro-Support you may require, from initial screening all the way through to a successful job placement.

High quality placement results begin with creative recruitment strategies and careful planning.

A targeted, multi-channel recruitment campaign to attract the best talent in the market from which you wish to recruit.
Professional management of all campaign responses, candidate screening, skills assessments, interview scheduling, candidate selection, and successful placement of your top candidate.
Flexible project execution based upon target region, timelines, number of concurrent job openings, and desired interview format and style.
Tailored recruitment strategy that suits your specific program and budget.
Professional and advanced communication practices and tools to conduct local and remote interviews securely, including the use of GoToMeeting, Skype, and Lync.
Professional onboarding, cultural awareness training, and new hire orientation.

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