Why Certified Professionals?

Certification provides an objective verification of employee’s stated skills and competency to  recognized standards.

Certified professionals take pride in their accomplishment and pride in their work. They deliver long-term results more effectively and efficiently. Offer your employees a career path – with a training plan to support it – and watch employee job satisfaction and retention rise right along with it.

An International Data Corp (IDC) study, along with Microsoft and Certiport research, demonstrates how much employees appreciate getting certified as Microsoft Office Specialists—and supervisors can see the difference, too:

  • 70% of certified employees said that certification allowed them to make a greater contribution to their employers.
  • Six out of ten said that certification motivated them to take on more complex or difficult assignments.
  • 89% of supervisors said that certified employees are more proficient users of Microsoft Office programs.

Use the course objectives from the specific training and certification programs you need to:

  • Define the set of skills your employees need to be effective
  • Provide a means to assess workforce skills and build a training plan
  • Prove employees have the skills to carry out their work competently
  • Offer a clear measure of the return on investment in training​
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